Quote of the Day

When the many finally realize they have been duped by the few, they will learn why history repeats itself. ~C.L. Harmon

In A New Light

C.L. Harmon This is a column from 2009. Please leave your thoughts about in the comments section and share if you like it. I thought I would share it again. During the Holocaust, a brave group of people who had lost everything except their own lives, took a stand to...

Quote of the Day

When we understand that everything in the universe was created perfectly and that we have the power to throw it into chaos, then we truly realize just how much responsibility is entrusted to us. ~C.L. Harmon

Quote of the Day

C.L. Harmon Confidence is often dependent on surroundings and comfort and may convey the illusion of morality and integrity. But a true moral code needs nothing more than intent to stand alone. Honor needs no illusion to convey confidence.

Quote of the Day

When you allow the devil to take your belief that you can change something, then you have lost your ability to change anything.-C.L. Harmon


C.L. Harmon When we fail ourselves, we lose only what we would have gained. But when we fail others, they lose more than we can ever know. We will undoubtedly fail in this life.  Our imperfect nature guarantees us this fact. But that imperfection does not apply...

A man has two thoughts on a precipice: fear and hope. One of which can make him turn back, the other move forward. Solid ground is our facade. The edge, however, is where we discover our inner identity and true self.~C.L. Harmon

10 Things to Consider

By C.L. Harmon 1. Always take the steps, because the people who have to take the ramp, wish they didn’t have to. 2. Commas never killed anyone. When in doubt, use one. 3. Never be cruel to an animal. There just might be an angel in there reporting back to God....

Number 3 of 100

C.L. Harmon Learn About Another Culture It sounds like something most would care nothing about. The truth is however, learning about another culture and people is one of the greatest teachers in life. Even if we had the means, most of us will never get to travel the...

Quote of the Day

Life is an experience in value where the income is often less than the outcome but the value always out weighs the cost. ~C.L. Harmon