By C.L. Harmon

1. Always take the steps, because the people who have to take the ramp, wish they didn’t have to.

2. Commas never killed anyone. When in doubt, use one.

3. Never be cruel to an animal. There just might be an angel in there reporting back to God.

4. No matter how bad someone may be, if that person is willing to pick up a broom and sweep without being told to, then redemption is a possibility for them.

5. Legality is a concept of man, morality is one of God. They are not always the same, so choose your master wisely.

6. Always open a window when you can. Nature speaks and spoke to all the worlds’s inhabitants until man created doors and windows to keep it out.

7. Never minimize someone else’s experiences. Their world may not be the same size as yours and so their problems and triumphs are not an equal comparison to yours.

8. Kindness to others is a signed blank check that awaits you in the future.

9. Dreams either drive you, die because of you or thrive as you choose to live them.

10. Always believe in something greater than yourself. Beyond you is where the rest of everything else lies.