A Million Equals One

We are so much more than that which binds us together. The small integral parts that fit as millions of tiny perfectly locking pieces are more than a completed puzzle. They become the essence of everything ever created once they experience the first spark of creation...

Climbing Out of Hell

Climbing out of hell. It’s not a leap back to it’s entrance, but one single arduous rung at a time to its exit. Believing the way out is as easy as it was getting in is what keeps us there. The hell we create does not imprison us. Our refusal to accept the fact we...

The Cost of a Grudge

If you hold a grudge longer than you remember kindness, you are holding onto a debt which will never be paid. Kindness is a loan you make that will pay when you need it most. A grudge is foreclosure based in interest you cannot afford to pay. C.L. Harmon

The Key

Bad thing happen. They always have and they always will. The key is to see the blessings and the positive within it no matter what happens. Once you’ve done that, you have mastered the art of happiness. This has always been and always will. C.L. Harmon