Imagine knowing every aspect of creativity and that of logic as well. Which of the two would you choose as to how you live? How do you know the right path if they both make sense to you but for different reasons? Knowing all aspects means that they are equal in the mind, heart, and soul. Wouldn’t absolute knowledge be a curse that leaves us immobile? How does one choose between two rights when we can only follow one with true conviction? Do we follow a creative path or a reasonable and logical one? When there is no wrong choice then there is no direction.

Because we are not given absolute knowledge, we are allowed a path to choose, a destiny that has meaning and fulfillment. Each of us is given talents and intellect because it takes both to survive. But we are not given them equally. One is always stronger than the other. One offers a fulfillment that the other does not. There will be a moment in life when we will have to choose. Although neither choice offers a guarantee of monetary success, the right one does guarantee a degree of happiness that the other does not. That feeling is known as exultation.

Purpose is linked to contentment. We are not in harmony when we choose a path for safety, security or false desires. We may find elements such as monetary gain, recognition or power when we do, but those are empty idols with no fulfilling properties. As such, we continue chasing more of what we already have to fill the continuing void. Harmony rests only in our natural inclination to follow what we feel in our hearts be it logic or creativity and not what makes sense in our minds. Either way we choose, our soul will follow even in the absence of harmony.  But that harmony is our map to where we are to go. The idea of happiness may be in the mind, but the reality of it lies within our choice to follow the path that was laid out for us before we were even born.