C.L. Harmon

Sometimes we lose our way and we don’t necessarily want to find our way back even though moving forward frightens us to our core. I believe this is something that we all experience at one point or another in our lives. Even the thought of going back to something familiar and comfortable leaves us with a feeling of uncertainty and possibly dread. Perhaps these moments in which we are idle are telling us that boundaries exist within us that must be overcome. These boundaries are not however placed to keep us in place, but to be conquered.

Questioning what we have been taught, seeking evidence contrary to what is popular and venturing into uncharted territory forces boundaries to disappear. Change occurs because boundaries are breached, not because they are left intact. What is often most difficult to destroy are the boundaries we ourselves construct. Traditionally we think of others’ boundaries keeping us out when, in actuality, it’s ours keeping us in.

Some of the most formidable of these boundaries are our choices to believe without questioning, accept without complete understanding. It seems somehow easier to remain unenlightened in ignorance behind a boundary than to forge into new territory with a new concept all our own. What we fear, what we believe remains only partial truths until we have the courage and fortitude to eradicate all the boundaries within us and discover what can be known beyond.