Distance is of varied sources and it is what separates one from another. However, it is usually words, not miles that brings about the greatest distances. One word, one sentence or one misunderstanding is all it takes to make us step back, separating people and making them enemies. When we truly think about this, we must recognize just how close we are to creating a lasting negativity at any given time.

We all say and do things without realizing the ripple effect of those actions. They seem harmless enough at the time and so their result seems inconsequential. But this is only to the person responsible for those words or actions.
To the other person, they become a small crack in which understanding, forgiveness, and compassion slowly seep out altering our perceptions of that person and theirs of us, creating space between us. Initially, we are completely unaware of these changes and yet they still grip a part of us.

When we eventually realize that we have been affected, then we must use a kind word or action to help others understand what they’ve done and then forgive them. Otherwise, we allow that crack to widen to a point that it drains us and them completely separating us to a point that we can no longer see the other at all.