Sometimes all we can do is accept the decisions of others. Although life is so much about choices, we are not given the ability to change the views and decisions of others if they choose not to listen to or act on what we say.  Many times our only option is to accept and this is not by accident but by design.

This act of acceptance, however, does not mean that we have faith in other’s ideas. It does not mean we believe in them or understand them or the direction they have chosen to pursue. It simply means we offer them the opportunity to learn and explore with support while offering us the opportunity us to gain insight beyond our current beliefs. To be believed in is a fundamental need for us all to build character, confidence and self-worth.

There are no great achievements without support. As we live we learn that we are created to believe in possibilities, not question them. Endless possibilities exist only in the presence of unwavering faith. When we believe in others, we not only give a part of ourselves to them, we tell them that they matter and that they have purpose. And it is that faith which is the most important element needed to achieve great things. Our faith in others teaches them that we are all lights which only needs an outside energy source combined with their design to illuminate the world