C. L. Harmon
There has always been fear. For parents raising children, it is their responsibility to teach their children about fear and the influence it is supposed to have on them. For example, It’s wise to teach children not to antagonize bees because they sting. It is better to leave them alone as they are not aggressive creatures bent on stinging every human for which they come into contact. It is common sense to teach them not to kill bees because without them humans would cease to exist. The fact that they sting is not a weapon against humanity but for its protection. This dynamic is nature’s way of telling us that we must coexist. All fear should be co-mingled with common sense. Otherwise irrational thought takes the place of reason.
Bad things are going to happen. Disaster is always a possibility. But to live in fear without the sensibility to coexist with it is a tragedy unto itself. The acceptance that something sinister or tragic could happen is not proof that it will. We must always acknowledge that the same world which provides cures, pain relief and hope is the same world which provides disease, pain, and despair. They are one in the same and the very reason that we must walk the fine line between chaos and order.
Common sense is our control in an environment which offers very little control over anything else.
Fear, in essence, is not good or evil, but simply a natural tool that allows us to exist. It keeps us from destroying what we need while protecting us from potential harm and self-destruction. But if we allow it to consume us, it becomes an evil that destroys what it is meant to protect. When fear divides us, it undermines what we can accomplish. When it costs us liberties, it makes us prisoners. When it dictates policy, it makes us slaves. When it is taught without common sense, it costs us everything.