Most of us never give a thought to the incredible intricacy of the environment which surrounds us. We squash bugs, cut down trees and countless other actions which destroy or disrupt the awesome phenomenon all around us.

We perform these actions as though we have the power to undo what we’ve done if we choose. The truth is…we can’t. We don’t have the power to bring back what we destroy. What we take from nature, ourselves and others are gone forever from this plane of existence.

The only real power any of us have is the ability to create and only then with the help of the Supreme Creator who made us. When we cultivate a relationship, build a dream, plant a tree or even step to the side in an effort to avoid stepping on a bug then we have become aware of the true significance.

The value of life, whether it be a relationship which is born into life when two come together or the smallest creature in the forest muddling through the dirt, is only valuable because it is irreplaceable and the lack of power to replace it is the only power we have to learn how valuable we are to each other and our environment is to us.