For some, there will come a time when you will step out on faith and that faith will fail you. Only then and only by those who have experienced that loss will ever truly understand what it means to possess it. Many will make sacrifices and carry heavy burdens but that is not faith; those are actions and consequences. To step where there is no ground. To walk in darkness without light. To trust more than to fear, these are actually acts of faith.

There are few who truly test to see if there are boundaries of faith because there are so few who are willing to lose what they have gained. Real faith is not a gamble; it’s a willingness to sacrifice everything for one thing with only a belief. It’s a risk where all you are and all you possess that moment are at stake. There are no contingencies. You are alone, naked and exposed before all others.

Those few who take the risk walk in a different world than the rest. They experience their surroundings in different ways because they see depth even in the shallowest of existence while others remain blind to anything below the surface or beyond the horizon. They feel beyond natural barriers and sense a deeper understanding in all creation. Within them is a courage and a lunacy that outsiders cannot comprehend. And when that faith fails us, leaving us in despair, we grasp even tighter to it. Not because we are lost, but because we are found in that which only the truly trusting can ever know…that which is hope.