C.L. Harmon

The world has become a place where many think as though they can say anything they like whenever they feel the desire. Like most things in life, too much of anything is not good. Words, when chosen wisely and in an opportune moment, can carry great power and weight. Not every thought though deserves to be vocalized nor every utterance heeded.

Silence truly is golden and can be equally powerful to well chosen words. We live in an age of communication where no one listens to anyone anymore. When others speak, we hear rhetoric and not insight. We do not talk to each other, but at one another. Things do not change and prosperity does not come when we do this. Compromise will never be achieved if everyone speaks and no one listens. And without compromise, there are no fair and just outcomes.

Just because we have platforms to speak does not mean we should yell from them. Great accomplishments are achieved not because we speak often, but because we listen often. The fact thoughts are private is proof our Creator wants us to choose our words wisely and the moments when those words should be spoken. Words were not created to fill empty spaces, but to enlighten empty minds, silence is our opportunity to learn when we are in the presence of empty minds.