Every destination is the beginning of a new journey just as every thought can the beginning of a new dream. Upon arrival, if we step back for a moment then we see where it all began. We further see why we started, how we have traveled and where we have been. And mostly we see where we are now and this is a must in order to move to other places we wish to go.

Stepping back in our lives does not make us weak, misguided or hinder us from moving forward. It gives us perspective and the tools such as humility and patience that we often find so difficult to use in everyday life, to strengthen our will as we dream. It is in the rare moments in which we reflect upon the rough road behind that we are allowed the opportunity of seeking the smoothest highway ahead to reach our next destination.

Taking a pause from the chaos of everyday life and after the moments of victory, even for only a moment, can sometimes be our only window in which to view the map of that long and narrow path that leads to the ultimate ends of our dreams.