At times throughout our existence, we find ourselves in positions or situations that seem to go against our natural character. We are forced to act and make decisions that make us feel uncomfortable and sometimes even guilty for our lack of knowledge, experience, or natural ability
It would seem as though this is a contradiction in how we are designed. Why would we be created to be a certain way only to be thrust into situations where we feel we are not equipped with the tools necessary to perform the task? Could it be the fact that we know we are lacking makes us perfect for the job?
Our Creator wants us to move beyond what we only believe we can do and into what He knows we can do. Every tool to succeed in every endeavor is within reach be it faith, confidence or knowledge once we choose to accept life’s challenges. The answer to the question lies in the idea that without the challenges in our lives we would never reach beyond what was given to us at creation to grow into the vision of greatness our Creator has seen all along.