C.L. Harmon

When your moral conscience becomes easily corruptible, every direction you should go closes off. Not because God or nature block them from you, but because you choose to longer to see them. As such, those avenues are no longer available to you. A person cannot bask in the sunlight and star gaze at the same moment. Each time we are immoral and deceptive, we are further removed from other roads that can and do hold invaluable treasures.

Having a conscience is not an accident. It’s a set of instructions to keep us moving in the directions which will bring us the greatest joy. But that joy we seek is not easily attainable. If it were, then it’s value would diminish. As such, we venture into what is easy and often unscrupulous to feel what we are too impatient or lazy to work towards. In essence, we walk away from what we could have to run towards something that will never satisfy us.

We settle for less because more is difficult. And with each step we take, we separate ourselves from what our Creator wants for us. We must all realize that a moral path and a deceitful path never cross. Walking one will never get us to the other one. As such, every step on the wrong road adds another step to our journey back to the right one. Each step must be taken back down that road to its beginning in order to see the right road. All we do by choosing what is easy and corrupt is use valuable and irreplaceable time and energy chasing what will never bring us what we desire most. There is only one path which will bring us the desires of our hearts. And it’s the long and difficult road of patience and morality. It is the one which is carved out for us to choose because it is the only one that holds what we truly desire.