C.L. Harmon
In my office is a painting of the Founding Fathers praying. It’s a poignant scene of men who seem to be at an impasse over reaching a point of collective consciousness. And though it is the praying which is the theme of the art, it’s what I don’t see which impacts me most. I don’t see men yelling and fighting and storming out in anger. I don’t see hatred and a willingness to ignore other’s ideas. I don’t see men eager to turn from God. What I do see is imperfect men who are willing to set aside what they want as individuals to create something larger than themselves, something that benefits those who could not be in that room and have a voice. I see men who turn to God in humility and hope. This was the first Congress of the United States. These were the men who were creating a nation and whose counsel did they seek in this endeavor? They chose God’s counsel, His wisdom, His guidance.
Every man in that room understood that they alone did not possess the enlightenment needed to build a nation. As such, they turned to the one who did. They believed that collectively and armed with their faith in God, they could forge a nation of God with God. But today the very same God whose counsel was sought all those years ago has been removed from the hearts and lips of many of those whose responsibility it is to continue building what the Founding Fathers prayed for during the birth of our nation. Prayer is and has always been the foundation for righteousness and lasting prosperity. It’s the reason people enjoy freedom and opportunity. Every nation, every civilization throughout history that has denied God has failed. God blesses those who acknowledge Him and listen when He speaks. Why then do we panic and live with fear when He tells to trust Him? Why do we listen and trust those who who do not seek His counsel? Why do we live in turmoil when His son showed us the way to peace? We do so simply because it easier to stand and listen to the rhetoric of others than it is kneel and listen to the Word of God.
Every single American regardless of political affiliation who enjoys all that this country offers, does so because the Founding Fathers chose to kneel. Let us never forget this.