C.L. Harmon

The world is changing. Many Americans do not realize how far the world has changed since they were born. They do not know because they either have not experienced a world different than the one which exists today. Or they have been sold rhetoric which claims there is an easier way to live and achieve their desires. Because of these, the United States of America is at war with itself. There is division unlike anything since the Civil War. There is hatred and violence on a large scale among citizens that is unprecedented in this country’s history. And there is an unwillingness to understand, compromise with and forgive those who believe differently than they do.

It is true that people have always had differences. There have always been different political views and parties, those who stand in protest of policies and those on the fringe who have propagated violence to achieve a means. We have never been a perfect people or a perfect nation. We have, however always held certain truths above everything else. And in doing so, we, and those who came before us, built what is now being destroyed.

There are many hard truths about the origin and the growth of this country. The first of these being that those who built the infrastructure of this country had a faith in God. They were not atheists or agnostics but people who made God a part of the government, the military and encouraged God to be in homes and schools. This is a fact. Whether you believe in God or not does not change the fact that those who provided your ancestors with the rights and privileges that have been passed down to you were God-fearing people. In other words, your right to disagree and vocalize publicly your lack of faith, was given to you by those who believed God wanted you to have that right.

Another truth was and still should be, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”. As harsh as that may sound, there is a fundamental reasoning behind this concept. It’s called fairness. Everyone should pull their own weight. Even God expected His only son Jesus to work. He made a living as a carpenter before beginning his ministry. God could have provided him with everything he needed and wanted but didn’t. That should say it all. And yet many in this country feel that it is okay for others to work and for them to use someone else’s money to provide for them. That is not fairness, that is laziness.

And still another truth is, “Get tough or die.” Your feelings are not made of fragile threads easily destroyed. Yes, they do get hurt, but you will survive. God made you stronger than to allow you to be so easily broken. No one dies from hurt feelings. Those who built this country could not have built such a strong nation had they allowed everyone to tear them down with words and differing opinions. Get mad and then get over it. You’ll live!

And here’s a final truth for you. The ONLY reason you have any rights at all is because there are those who were and are willing to put themselves in harm’s way and even sacrifice their lives so that you can have them. Men and women have spilled more blood in the battlefields of the centuries than you can fathom so you could be free and have a voice. You owe each and every one of them a debt of gratitude and a measure of respect. You have earned no right to take a knee or refuse to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. In fact, you have earned no rights at all. The only knee you should be taking is one before God to thank him for sending those men and women to protect you and fight for you.