C.L. Harmon

When we live without reason we exist without freedom. Chaos captures us when what is on the outside influences us more than what is on the inside.
It seems probable that we are programmed to some degree during our creation. Little adjustments or additions that make some right-handed while others are left or allows for one person to be shy why others seem naturally comfortable around people or an adjustment that even makes some more creative while leaving others with little talent for the arts at all.
Based upon this belief, it would seem likely that other additions or adjustments were made at the same time. Perhaps a conscience or some moral code that is woven within the fiber of our being to help us along as we make our choices in life. When we distance ourselves from that internal set of rules and sense of what is right and begin living without the benefit of those rules, chaos begins to track and then imprison us.
Words that are corrupt, actions that cause turmoil and desires that destroy are done without the benefit of reason and thus bring chaos to peace, captivity to those free. These words and actions limit us thus imprisoning us within their consequences. They lock us into a dark existence away from joy, compassion and, enlightenment. Reason is the fundamental key to understanding each other and each time we use it, we unlock a bit of humanity within ourselves allowing the universe to grow exponentially, expanding our realm in which to experience even more freedom.