By C.L. Harmon

There is no easy. Easy is a word to describe what we want, not what is real. In truth, reality is synonymous with difficulty. In other words, life is hard. It matters not what we do. Life is designed in nature to be arduous. Why should anything be easy? What is learned or gained from that which takes no effort, no drive, no discipline? There is no reward in easy. There is no appreciation for what is given that should have been earned. There is no pride in what needs to be accomplished but is not. There is no work ethic in sloth and no lasting reward for what is unjustly taken.

Gardens do not grow simply because you throw seeds in the soil. Children are not raised by simply feeding and clothing them. Of all things in nature which must work for their nourishment and fight to survive, why is it humanity expects easy and does not expect challenges and embrace what value they bring forth?

Even what is created in life to make life easier has strings attached. Typing is easier than writing, but one must first learn to type and then there is the learning the intricacies of what one uses to type. Although it is easier, there is still difficulty. Technology arguably makes life more comfortable, enjoyable, and organized, but even these come at the cost of more stress keeping up with the everchanging advances in order for these advances to be effective. In the end, what makes life easier is the acceptance that everything is a challenge with varying degrees of effort to overcome. And that easy is a word used by those who do not wish to accept life’s challenges.