Many times we hear that we need to choose a side, pick a team, know where we stand and not stand in the middle of the road. Perhaps though, it is in the middle of the road where we should all strive to walk the path of life.

Now consider the best vantage point to see both sides of any issue. Wouldn’t the middle be the best location in which to not only step away and see the ideas more clearly, but also to give us the view to get a better understanding of the side in which we find disagreement? Does not standing firm in the middle show that we believe in compromise and humanity’s ability to find peaceful solutions? Does it not allow us to approach either side without hostility and be welcomed as we are not considered an enemy?

By walking the central path between issues does not compromise our values or moral convictions because those should be with us no matter where we stand. But it does allow to know that where we stand can always be a place where opposing sides can approach us and be heard with an open mind and heart. And the middle is and has always been the place where people meet to become the only side.