All circumstances pass away, they live and die within the moments that age us all. What is happening in this space and time will fade away and only the residue will remain. In each moment we must remember this truth. When we look over our lives and that of history, we see parcels of time where things were good or bad to different degrees. Those moments become lost in days and those days may become wrapped up in months and even into years. That period of time is remembered as a circumstance in our lives.

No matter how violent or frightening a circumstance is, it always fades into the dust of time. We then move forward as tomorrow pulls us out of yesterday bringing the residue of that circumstance with us but leaving the physical aspect of that time behind. That time in our lives then becomes a phantom that no longer harms us unless we allow it to haunt us and taunt the residue that is left inside us.

The evils of yesterday always reach beyond the grave to draw us back because of our unwillingness to let go of a memory or tragedy that no longer has any physical power over us. The very concept of a sunrise and sunset are that all things have a beginning and an end. Although thunderstorms will still come, they will not be yesterday’s storms. And in time, those new storms too will fade away in a future sunset. We must always carry with us that each new sunrise is our reminder to not be pulled out of yesterday but to willingly step anew into tomorrow.