Success is not about big goals that one accomplishes which are planned for years. It’s about getting out of bed in the morning when the only thing you want to do is sleep and hide from the world. It’s about rising up and putting your feet on the floor when yielding to a feeling of failure seems normal. It’s about forcing a laugh when crying feels more natural. It’s about living through each day when death seems the only way to peace. This is success!

Success is a relative term but most will agree that it is defined as the accomplishment of something, an achievement even. In other words, it’s something that is gained. To some this is all it will ever be. But to others, it is not about the gain, but about battling the losses and continuing the fight. Their success is not defined by moving forward, but by not falling backward.  It’s a different world for those who give all just to maintain than it is for those who push forward with ease.

Success cannot be defined with one global meaning because individual meanings should only be defined by the particular obstacles each one of us must endure. There are as many worlds to live in as there are people on the planet. Each of us must overcome the obstacles in our own existence and each of must choose what we deem as a success based on those difficulties. Our happiness depends not on the obstacles in our lives but in the fact that we don’t allow them to keep us from us challenging them. Success should not be a definition for all to agree but a new cause each of us redefine every day.