Imagine you were created to achieve one incredible accomplishment. This one achievement is a link in a chain that began long before you were born and will continue long after you are gone. Your link is every bit as important as the ones before it and just as crucial for the next. Our understandings and meanings of life, as well as our ability to grow as one, are in this chain that links past to present, present to future and future to comprehension.

This chain is unique in the sense that it does not need to be connected by each link to be functional. So each time there is a missing or broken link, a new section begins leaving a void between the two sections. Because of this, as the chain stretches out across time, there are gaps between the missing and broken links. And once they are broken or missing, they cannot be replaced. Time does not reverse and allow us to repair the chain. What should be there is not and only a dead space is left in its place.

Each time we fail in our hopes, give up, take an innocent life, corrupt what is good or pure and fail to achieve our purpose in life, we are not achieving our one task that is to be our accomplishment, but instead destroying a link and leaving that dead space between links. As a result, what we were supposed to contribute to life never materializes and future links to connect with are absent.

Each link is knowledge, wisdom and an accomplishment that the next generation uses to further the chain. Each of us is responsible to add a link to the chain while also helping others to do the same. Missing links leave us lost and disconnected from the past and each other. So when we ask ourselves why our lives seem to have no reason to them, perhaps it is because we are the start of a new section of chain that was broken because of someone else’s failure to provide the link we needed to connect with. If we can all just remember how important our contribution to the chain is, then undoubtedly we can create one that is never broken.