The heart does not lie, judge or justify action. It only asks for that which it desires and then leads us to those yearnings without fear and apprehension while offering us no control over where it chooses to lead. It is our minds which must follow our hearts and our will which must make them do so. Reason can destroy our dreams and squash our desires if we follow the mind, which is capable of judgment and justification.

The world in which we inhabit is often corrupt and embroiled in confusion. We think about methods to survive the madness allowing our thought processes to guide us through the chaos. We believe reason can free us from what we can’t control.
But in doing so we allow the part of us, which is capable of judgment, justification and even deceit to make some of the most important decisions in our lives.

Do we truly want to make those decisions without the benefit of complete truth?
When we follow our hearts, we are led to places that fulfill us and we are never led astray. In fact, we are actually led out of the madness which consumes our thoughts and into the safety of true understanding and reasoning.