By C.L. Harmon

Buried within each of us is a set of instructions. We are not born empty vessels void of direction but created with a knowledge and understanding whose origins are beyond our comprehension. Many of these instructions are of a physical nature such as breathing, sleeping and heart functions. But there are also other instructions woven into our creation. These are of a moral nature and instrumental in the course our lives and our world will take. Knowing what is right and wrong are not only lessons we learn as we grow, but guidelines ingrained into our very souls.

We are not created to do harm or create chaos. We are created with a sense of rhythm to coexist with each other and nature. Each of us knows this and when we stray from these internal instructions, we feel a betrayal inside that is undeniable. Humanity has not evolved due to an absence of these instructions but instead flourished because of their existence. Without such a guiding force, we would certainly destroy ourselves and our world. An age of enlightenment is not some period of time, but every time we choose to be enlightened from the knowledge within us.

And though there are many who choose to ignore these instructions for living and bring about chaos as a result, there are also many who choose enlightenment and follow the knowledge that is created within them. It is these people who propel us forward through their examples of decency, respect, compassion, and sense of fairness and equality, while it those who opt to ignore our internal instructions which keep dragging society back toward the dark ages.