So often it seems the root of humanity stems from what we want instead of what others need. The desire to tend to our own comforts can build walls separating us from those who need us the most. It is not always a conscious act of neglect but more of an unwilling blindness that keeps us from the most important issues and people in our lives.

It is a simple gesture to give, one that requires only the choices to see and then to act. This simplicity has an awesome effect on both the giver and the receiver because it brings positivity, which sparks an internal change that never ceases to evolve. To need is something that each human experiences. Whether it be love, money, emotional support or simply a reason to continue believing, we all understand its purpose and that it connects us to each other. 

After truly experiencing the power of giving, we no longer see ourselves as individuals with personal desires but rather part of a large family whose needs for assistance lead us to the understanding that we are one family with a combined conscious that dictates we must help others so that we too may be helped. It is this unity which allows us not only survival but serenity.