Each of us seeks treasure. We work for it, sacrifice for it, even take risks for it. But have we ever actually defined what is treasure? What we desire is not necessarily treasure although it feels as though it should be or that it will be once we have obtained the desire. But what if the hunt for treasure is actually just a phantom we chase? Although treasure is real, it is not hidden in some distance destination or achieved dream. It is found in our perceptions and understandings.

We actually stumble over treasure in our attempts to find it. We occasionally experience treasure but rarely enjoy it for the riches it brings because we are stepping over what is valuable in order to dig in the dry sand. The truth is that each of us is born with treasure inside us. The search for what is valuable has never been about what we can find on the outside, but what we should discover on the inside.

Everything natural and man-made crumbles or rusts away in time but our essence, our energy, lives on indefinitely and with it is the treasure given to us by our Creator. We are tasked with finding those riches and sharing them with others before our existence here is returned to dust. Every experience in our lives are markings on an ancient map to the whereabouts of the treasure within us. We will never find that most valued of treasure in the earth beneath our feet because it only exists beneath the meaning of our very creation.