It is such a simple question. What is our purpose here? The age-old inquiry as to why we are here. Why were we created? We are all different and yet the same, together but apart and yet inexplicably connected in ways we can’t understand. We share so much with each other and though we may never meet others, we still understand that we are a part of them in the cosmic sense.

Theologians, philosopher, and poets have pondered the meaning of life as do each of us during trying times in our lives with struggles and loss. Some believe that perhaps the answer is what we take from our experiences, lessons that become knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps there is merit in this concept. Or maybe those are simply a result of actions we experience in life.

What if the answer was far more simple than that? What if the experiences were not lessons but opportunities? There are concepts in this realm of existence that are available to every one of us. They do not discriminate, cost currency or die. Each of us has the opportunity to feel and give love, hope, and faith. The three concepts that no one can take from us.

We can choose to love even if we feel others may not love us. It is ours accept and to give without restriction and is infinite. Hope is ours as long as we hold onto it. Others may attempt to take it, but they are powerless to do so if we refuse to relinquish it. Faith is the elixir of life. It is not forced upon us nor can we force it upon others. We can choose to believe that there is a Creator who loves and guides us to a meaningful existence. We are free to trust in that greater power just as we are free to believe in those in whom we share the world. Our faith in others is also a choice for us to make. And when we choose to believe in others. We give them hope, we show them love and we give them the ability to believe in others.

Perhaps the meaning of life is to never understand how and why good and bad happen, but opportunities to understand who we can become by finding the meaning and power in love, hope, and faith.