Most of us focus on our individual lives. We live in such a large world with numerous activities abound at every moment that we tend to remain in the small part of the world which makes sense to us. As a result, we become disconnected from others even as the technology works to bridge us closer together. This implies that we choose to be separated. But what if we were to perceive the world differently? Would this change not only affect ourselves but our involvement in the world?

How would our lives be different if each of us saw ourselves as grains of sand? What is the nature of sand? At times it attaches to other grains in an effort to build something or to be a part of something larger. Other times it blows singularly in the wind to other destinations. But it’s very essence is that it moves. It moves across oceans and continents to other places in a never ending process of migration with its nature never changing. It is a minuscule grain of sand that follows a plan much greater in scope than what it represents in size.

We mustn’t fight that which uproots us physically, mentally or emotionally because it will move us to where we are needed most. That wind that blows us or wave which carries us away is part of a greater plan that is meant to connect us to others for an ultimate purpose. It is part of a greater plan that we may never get to view in its entirety, but we do get to feel and know deep inside that we are a small part of a very large idea. If we simply accept that we are part of a plan, then the wind and the waves will always carry us to where we are a part of something better, something more meaningful.