Human beings have the capacity for incredible compassion and indescribable evil. Can one even fathom the amount of faith it must take to entrust such liberty with humanity? The very idea that a creation made out of love can destroy itself with hate or evil must show the incredible importance of love to the Creator.

To allow cruelty and injustice to prosper defines what the value of choice actually represents. The gift of choice does more than set a course for our lives; it represents the idea that what we choose as individuals matters most to the Creator. Obedience can be chosen or ordered, but love cannot be forced. It can only manifest through a conscious choice.

Our hearts beat because nature dictates them to do so. They provide compassion, forgiveness and understanding because we choose for them to. Freewill is not so much about us choosing paths in our lives, but about choosing the ideals and beliefs that clear paths to a greater understanding of the definition of love.