I am excited to let everyone know that my book, “Chopping Down the Tree of Knowledge is now available for preorder. The release date is November 15. A link will be provided for those interested in ordering a copy. The book is available in digital format and paperback.

Unlike my first book “In the Midst of Reality” which is a compilation of Mindsets, this book is a journey into life as explained through my personal experiences and the failures which make them up. It is the understanding of a belief system that failed me and hopefully a wake-up call that yours may be failing you.

Through Mindsets, I have always tried to convey positive messages that I hope to help people view the world with a sense of optimism. This work, however, started out very differently and without the intent to share positive insights. It was born out of anger and disappointment toward a God I have worshipped and trusted all my life. As I wrote in the above paragraph, this work is a journey. It has a destination I thought not possible when I began writing it and a message I was always afraid to know until I knew it.

It is my sincere hope that this work affects you as much as it has me.


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