What is your passion? There is one inside all of that burns with an unquenchable thirst. We feel it in times of high emotions and in the lows of despair. It’s a feeling, a voice, a desire and a sense rolled into one. It never leaves us and it never rests in peaceful slumber. It’s a part of us that we may not have yet met. But it’s there in every part of us

Our passion is as much a part of us as bones and blood. It lives, it grows and it dies within us . It knocks on our souls’ doors and begs entry into our thoughts. To know it is as simple as opening a door. With it come fear and delight, secrets and plight. A realm it is that is more than who we are, but one of who we never believed before we could be.

Dare to dream so that when death comes for you, it will know that you lived with purpose in every valuable moment given to you. Show it that you gave to life what only you could. Tell it that you heard the voice and you followed. You persevered even when darkness stole the light, you opened the door, you kept the fight.

Once passion is lit, it never burns out, never runs out of fuel. It builds rightenous and destroys maladies. It’s the sixth sense that each of us can unlock and free. Find it! Live up to it! Die with it! We are never fully whole until we find it. Every part of us is tied to it and without its discovery, we have existed having never truly lived at all.