C.L. Harmon

Engulf Yourself In A Thunderstorm

There is immense and awesome power in a thunderstorm with lightning that cracks the sky and the thunder roaring in ferocity. It is an opportunity to bow before nature and be humbled by its force. Knowing that it can become a force of destruction instantaneously awakes our senses and reminds us of the voloatility all around us.

But more than this, is the experience of watching a storm brew, build, execute its will and then fade into nothingness. In each of these phases we feel something different. Feeling the wind pick up and the temperature drastically change, witnessing the sky darken and the clouds moving as though being pushed by invisible forces fills one with a childlike curiosity as to what is coming. And when the storm reaches its potential and releases its force, a sense of terror grips. In that moment, we are powerfully reminded that occasionally in life we are at the mercy of what we cannot control and defiance of this changes nothing. But, regardless of the outcome of the storm, we are reminded that everything changes and passes and that peace always returns in nature and with humanity.

Pull up a porch swing and let Mother Nature entertain you!