C.L. Harmon

Learn About Another Culture

It sounds like something most would care nothing about. The truth is however, learning about another culture and people is one of the greatest teachers in life. Even if we had the means, most of us will never get to travel the world. But many of us do get the opportunity to vacation and learn a little outside of our daily bubble. For most everyone else, there is the internet and its vast knowledge at our disposal. Without a doubt, we carry something away from each experience that brings us in touch with those from other cultures. These opportunities affect us in a way that would not have been possible had we not experienced something different.

Learning about others and how they live is pure enlightenment. It allows us the opportunity to understand better the choices others make because we can see what challenges they face. We also experience how they overcome those challenges as well as learn how they define happiness in-spite of their hardships. Learning about other cultures is truly a window into another world. It is extremely difficult to feel prejudice and hatred when confronted with knowledge that contradicts what we think we know. Two things will happen when you take the time to learn about another culture; the first is that you will realize that you are more like others than you ever thought. The second is, others will learn they are more like you than they ever thought.