One main factor I considered when contemplating as to write this blog series or not was, will it help other writers.

I wanted my trials and triumphs to be able to give inspiration to others.

I wanted them to know that one can fight depression, work lousy jobs, feel as though their dreams will never reach fruition and still find hope in their desire to write. I laid the groundwork for this is the first several blogs.

I have been slowly transitioning into more constructive and positive aspects of my career over the past few blogs. I tell you this because having an end purpose in this endeavor is the same as having one in an article, short story or novel. In other words, without direction, one is simply driving around in circles and never reaching a worthwhile destination.  I want us all to reach our end purpose.

I am not a teacher of life or writing, but simply a man on a journey attempting to reach a purposeful destination while helping others do the same through my experiences. As such, I will often be driving around from topic to topic in what may seem an erratic fashion. However, as strange as that sounds isn’t that just like life. We all do this in our lives and in pursuit of our goals. There are always bumps in the road, potholes, fallen trees and branches, driving rain or some other type of hazard that impedes our progress.

We often feel as though we need to backtrack in order to find another way forward after a roadblock or running upon damaged debris in the road. At that moment it feels as though we are going backward, but if we look at the detour as simply finding a new way to continue moving forward, then we are not really backing up at all. We are still moving forward via new direction.

Like Thomas Edison said about the light bulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” we find 10,000 ways in which not to go again. There are countless ways to end up lost, but it only takes one route to discovery. The key is always knowing that there is a way to that discovery, to that fulfillment and success we crave as long as we keep moving forward.

I prefer to think in terms of winning and losing. Some days I win and some I lose. Perhaps I am just wired that way or maybe somewhere along the way it became a way of coping with life’s difficulties. Either way, it is what it is. I also tend to focus on the negative days a bit more than the positive. This may be God answering my prayers for humility which keeps me from patting my own back for my accomplishments. Or it may simply be the wiring again. The point I want to make here is that focusing on the negative can sometimes be a very good tool when it comes to the end dream.

When the road is littered with debris from a storm or some idiot is blocking my way, my resolve to succeed my way strengthens. Interestingly enough, I always find a new way to move forward. The message of support for you in this blog is there is always another way to move forward. The only true loss that can never be reclaimed as a writer is not reaching your end goal. Ahead of every bad day is the potential of a good day. You just have to keep moving ahead to reach it.