C.L. Harmon

Every moment on social media or on a news segment somewhere there seems to be a reference to “All Lives Matter” or “Black Lives Matter”. My question is since when. Since when has any life mattered when it comes to humans? Did it matter to the Romans when they conquered the peoples of Western Europe and other lands or persecuted and killed Jews and early Christians? Did it matter to Pol Pot and his regime when they murdered two million fellow Cambodians? Did it matter when Genghis Kahn and his army killed 40 million people in his quest for a Mongolian Empire? Did it matter when Adolph Hitler and his followers exterminated 6 million Jews and 5 million others from all walks of life and nationalities? Did it matter when the Mayans beheaded and tortured their own people as sacrifices to the Gods? Did it matter when Joseph Stalin and his Communist regime murdered 20 million people? Did it matter when religious zealots burned their neighbors at the stake because they believed them, witches? Did it matter when the US Government used abhorrent methods to eradicate Native Americans? And, let us not forget the 45 million abortions worldwide each year in a time when medical science has proven that a fetus is alive. Are we sure life matters or that it ever has been that important?

The truth is, humanity has been murdering and torturing since Cain slew Abel. There has never been a time in history when one race, one nation, or one person was not trying to kill another. Even Christian Crusaders and Muslims murdered one another in the name of God. This madness stems from the fact that all of humanity does not accept that all lives matter let alone any lives. So again, I ask, since when have any lives mattered?

As angry as one may get over the senseless death of another human being, the truth is that senseless killings happen every day all over the world. And most of these are not reported on but simply left to fade into a forgotten history and dust from which God created them.

In order for senseless murders to abate, ALL of humanity must learn that every other life is as valuable and precious as their own. Every government must treat its citizens with equality and value. Every parent must teach love, humility and compassion to his and her children. Every peaceful religion must be respected. Every citizen must accept the fallibility of all humanity and utilize the power that forgiveness holds and not the judgment that revenge brings. Every person must accept that their existence is equal to everyone else’s in God’s view. Until the citizens of the world embrace these principles and practice them in their own lives, no lives will ever truly matter enough for senseless killings to stop, no matter the amount of media coverage, public outrage, rioting, or peaceful assembly.

Writers Note: This work was posted on Facebook but due to its nature, was limited so very few people could see it and no one could share it. In the future, all of my writings will be published here. As I cannot control the actions of social media and their choice to limit who sees content, I ask that each of you share this and my other works so that others might have the option to see it.