Life begins to make sense when you begin sorting the pieces. We must first understand that each piece has purpose and is purposefully designed differently. As we sort, we begin to understand that seeking the corner pieces first and the border pieces second is how we get a picture of what we are building. And then we begin filling in the vast empty space between those borders. As we sort in the beginning, we begin looking for that piece which is us. Eventually we may learn that we are not a corner piece or even a border piece, but our place is somewhere in the middle. And that may lead us to believe that we are less important than those on corners and borders. But the more pieces we place, the more we understand that no puzzle is complete without all the pieces. And that makes each piece just as valuable as the others. Without those filling the vast space, those border pieces we were envious of are empty. And without those borders we are just incomplete space.
C.L. Harmon