I have written a lot about life. Some have been positive as in reflected in most of the Mindset columns I have published over the years. Other works have been sarcastic, funny and even angry. I have done so, in part, in an effort to try and understand it…make sense of it somehow. I haven’t figured much of it out yet, but I have formulated many theories over the years through my experiences, the Bible, my upbringing and the impact others’ experiences have had on me. I thought I might write about a theory or two in this blog. Now before you get all ‘kitty has claws’ on me, remember that I am not a prophet or the Oracle at Delphi but just a person who has a few ideas. What I am though is honest in what I write. This is not to say that I am right or wrong but honestly based on the information available to me.

Is it possible that great effort does not equal great outcome? I believe so. In other words, I don’t believe that the amount of effort put in always produces the same amount in results. Nor do I care for the idea that others try and sell the concept that it does it as it’s some precious commodity. One of my irritations is going into just about any corporate setting in the US and seeing one of those framed posters with a beautiful natural landscape and a word like BELIEVE or DREAMS or some other positive word with smaller text under the big word explaining how the implementation of these words can get you to where you wish to be. Trust me on this, Look away! This is BS! Effort does not equal outcome.

Let me tell you why you should not give any credence to these types of signs or listen to others with the same mentality to get inspiration. They are false prophets. Not because they are entirely wrong but because their message may not apply to you. Taking inspiration from something or someone that is not meant for you is like taking medication that is not prescribed to and that you don’t need. In other words, it does more harm than good. If an Olympic swimmer tells you to jump into the ocean without a life jacket because it’s a good way to learn how to swim, would that be good advice? Just because something may work for someone else, does not mean it will work for you. Drowning is not what I would consider good advice.

In addition, it seems to me that people always leave out the most important part of our earthly excursion, God. Remember God? He is the one who made you and the earth and universe and your pet and the moon, the flu, rats, flies and everything else in existence. Those of you old enough may remember the line in the Jethro Tull song Bungle in the Jungle “He who made kittens put snakes in the grass”. Yeah, that God. Before moving further, let me ask you a question? Granted you had God-like powers, how likely is it that you would create an existence full of life and then just leave it to its own devices? Would you really be okay with just letting the chips fall where they may?

Seriously, would you not have some plan, some purpose in mind for your creation after its completion? Now keep in mind that it is not forced control over your dominion that you want, but voluntarily submission to your will. Slavery and forced will upon your creation will not bear the fruit of love, which is what you truly want as the creator of your human experiment. Obviously, the first action you would allow is free will to your creation. This way, you know that they willingly choose to serve you without fear from your wrath but out of a choice to do so.

Now consider what would be the one thing that you could give back to the Creator that proves you are completely willing to serve Him? Of course, it’s the only thing you actually have to give…your free will. Now here is what I believe happens with free will; a person can serve God or one’s self. If one serves him or herself, then that person is choosing to take God out of the equation. They are choosing to live a life without God’s interference and not according to His rules. With freewill God allows them to remove Him even though He has a plan for their lives. They are now the master of their own destiny. They can pursue money, fame success or any other desire without interference. They can believe in God and acknowledge His existence, but this does not mean that they serve Him. Both Hitler and Stalin believed in God. I doubt anyone with any intelligence at all would say these men were serving God regardless of what name they may call God.

Back to the point, I believe that by giving back one’s free will allows them to now be used by God for HIS purposes. Now let’s read that again, for HIS purposes. I believe that it goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. If you don’t know how to create a universe, then you are never going to understand the mind, heart, and will of the one who does. God can and apparently does give blessings of wealth to those who do not work for it. He gives health to those who commit unspeakable atrocities while giving a failing heart to an eight-year-old child who has never even had an evil thought. And why, you can bet your ass, will never be made known to you in this realm. And even if it were, you probably wouldn’t have the brain power to comprehend it anyway. These injustices are allowed for HIS purposes which He doesn’t feel a need to share with the rest of us.

Remember as you read this that there are no answers here. There is no right answer for you in this blog or on one of those stupid posters in a corporate office or in the stars or the formations of clouds. You are a lock and God is the key. Only He has the answers and He decides if and when you get them. As angry or upset with God as you may become, you will not get those answers if He does not want you to have them. If you don’t believe me then read Job in the Bible and find out what God told Job when he was pissed about the way God had allowed him to suffer.

Here is what you should walk away with after reading my theory, God does exist. You cannot serve Him and yourself. He doesn’t like that, so it’s either Him or the highway. If you choose the highway, He will let you go your own way even into a dead end. Don’t expect your desires to be the same as God’s. He doesn’t need money, fame, success or security. He will give you what you need according to what He wants you to have, not necessarily what you want. Be prepared to fail in your endeavors. He will allow you to fail one hundred times while allowing others who do not choose to serve Him, success with minimal effort. You will suffer. You will do so because it is proof that you choose Him even when it seems He doesn’t choose you. Your dreams are not guaranteed. There are no contracts with God. As such your desires are not a promise written in your heart. And lastly, positive thinking and word posters in corporate offices are not signs from God. They were a marketing plan to make money and encourage employees to work harder so the owners can make more money.

In the end, it’s all about free will and the God you serve; the God you create within yourself or the God that created you within Himself.