C.L. Harmon

As we build our lives moment by moment, we are cognizant of the seconds which are eroding behind us. As such, we move forward in hopes of leaving what was to a distant void we call our past. But nothing is ever truly gone as long as we still breathe. Though the minutes of yesterday have vanished, we carry a residue with us that is alive.

Within that residue can be despair, regret, and shame. Each of these is impervious to the erosion which destroys time. They are a part of us, but a part we can control and conquer. As such, we are not prisoners of our past but stewards of what we become in the future. We can choose to be victims of yesterday or conquerors of tomorrow.

As our yesterdays crumble away into the abyss, we have the power to send our past mistakes into an internal prison liberating us from what was. It is imperative we retain what we consider negative in order to gain enlightenment, but equally necessary to realize that these are only ghosts which possess no power if we keep them under our control. Each moment born belongs to us, but each one past should be imprisoned away from tomorrow and free of us as we step into the future.


Photo by Nicholas Kampouris on Unsplash