We are divided in so many ways and history shows us that we have always been. What is the cost of such division and what do we gain or lose because of it? What do we do in the name of these divisions and do they save us or destroy us?

Does anyone believe that slavery is acceptable? And by this, I mean would they be willing to not only have slaves, but be one themselves. When men and women in the world took actions to eradicate slavery throughout history, there was always opposition. There were wars, murders and uprisings on both sides, but time would show us all that it was wrong. And along with the eradication of slavery also came the end of two sides. Countless people suffered and died because of two sides that would eventually be irrelevant and erased. Where is the common sense in such divisions?

We allow race, religion, political ideals and arbitrary lines in the sand to divide us. But how do another’s views actually affect us? Does it take away your right to practice your views or worship the way you choose? No. But it will divide us because we want to be right because we want to win because we are arrogant. We are prideful choosing pride over love, friendship, mutual respect and open-mindedness We divide and that division conquers us and defeats our unity.

What must it take for humanity to learn that who we are, what we are, is simply our identities our belief systems and not something that is given or taken by others? If we ask ourselves what we consider to be fair and just to both sides and then act accordingly, division begins to evaporate. Differences in opinion do not divide us; lack of acknowledgment and respect for differing opinion creates division. The price for harmony always comes at the cost of humility which favors no side.