When we become objects we no longer contain value. When persons become only ‘the
people’, liberty becomes an idea and not a practice and living becomes a curse and not a gift, then there
is no longer any value to them.Creation gives an intrinsic value to what it creates. Humanity decides
whether or not to keep and respect that inherent worth. Each person takes in air, food and water. We
bleed, love and suffer as individual creations with value that is understood through its preciousness to
each of us. When we become an object, we become something with a label or assembled together in a
category with lesser or no value.It’s easier to destroy that which is only an object or a ‘thing’. Objects do
not feel as people do or suffer as creations with value. As such, they can be tortured, annihilated and
enslaved by those blinded by their ignorance of what is true in nature.The ignorance of man is because
of man. It is each person’s responsibility to see the value of themselves and of others and to hold tight
to that understanding. It is further our obligation to keep what we hold sacred and priceless from
becoming the object of destruction by those who hold only themselves as worthy of being valuable.