I haven’t posted much lately. I have been in a place where my life passion to create art with words has become lost on a dark road. I have felt this absence like the death of a friend whom I miss terribly. For whatever reason, tonight was the first inspiration I have felt in some time. I don’t always know what messages these inspirations are supposed to mean or to whom they are intended. But this one, I think was given to me for me. I hope others get as much out of this as I have.

Thanks for reading!

To be lost on a dark road is not to be forsaken, but to be found in the hollow path of someone who has traveled before you to the light of a new direction. As much as we may feel alone or lost in our hearts or minds in this life, we have never been completely abandoned for our roads are shared, sometimes by many and other times by only a few. Existence is a network of connecting roads and pathways that bridge time and consciousness from minutes to millennia, from souls to spirits. Whatever it is that burdens you today is simply a stone awaiting you to throw into the future for someone else to pick up and carry into their tomorrow. See, it is not your troubles which you give them with that stone, but your promise that we can all free ourselves of our burdens once we decide we have carried them long enough. This is the gift you leave for those who will one day find themselves on their own road wrapped in darkness. You may not be their direction on that road, but you will be their inspiration, their hope, their reason to one day throw that stone into someone else’s future. Always remember that you matter more than you can ever comprehend because your travels lead you through the darkness to become someone else’s light. And it is those same travels which shine onto another’s darkness becoming their light. We are all someone else’s rock and that matters to those who need you to throw them something they can hold onto and carry until they find their way to the morning light.

~C.L. Harmon