I think that most people in this country are mad, but they’re not sure at who or even why. This doesn’t mean they are unintelligent, quite the opposite actually. They are intelligent enough to know that something isn’t right. But they can’t quite put their finger on it. And it’s not one issue that causes the anger but the misdirection of many issues by those with the power to play on our emotions. If we get lost in the details of what stirs us emotionally, we are incapable of seeing what is factual. And what is factual is that we are being misdirected all the time from every direction. And those responsible for the misdirection remain in the shadows because it keeps us from seeing the reality that a misdirection is in play. In truth, those responsible for the misdirection and chaos it causes do not care about our political affiliation, stance on abortion, gender identity, views on racism, religious beliefs, views on historical structures being removed or anything else we hold important enough to care about. The reality is that it has never been about any of these things, but about keeping good people from looking into the shadows. Those responsible know we will not look there if they can keep us distracted in the light. They use our differences of opinions as weapons against us because emotions almost always lead before logic. And emotion causes damage until logic and reason take over.
Every single issue we the people are fighting over can either be settled with compromise or peacefully, if not happily, accepted as a general condition of the majority rules. It was this way before the people became pawns controlled by those who wish to control us. The abolition of slavery, end of segregation, women’s rights, civil rights for all, opposing views of the Vietnam War, the reunification of the South after their defeat in the Civil War without punishment and many other issues were all eventually accepted as societal norms. The issues of today are no different but for the one exception, that those issues were proposed and followed up with a support of acceptance of the people by those in power and not with the intent of division that exists today. As President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Those who play us from the shadows are astute learners of the past. They know this better than most. And they are winning because they have learned that if we stand united, they are helpless against that union.
We defeat this evil only through unity. We win because we collectively believe that God, by whatever name we call Him, wants us to live in peace, harmony, and freedom. We only survive because if we opt to step in the shadows and confront the evil against us. We thrive only when we choose the common good over our individual opinions and accept that compromise and acceptance bind us to a greater good for the present and the future. We are not each other’s enemy no matter what we are expected and brainwashed to believe. We are friends, neighbors, coworkers, and citizens of a single nation. But we have chosen sides because we have been led to falsely believe that one side or the other must be victorious. In truth, there should only be one side; the side of the people. Everything we hold dear for ourselves, and our children resides in that one side. If we in the light do not reside unified in spirit, then those who have united in the shadows will take from us what God ordained and the Founding Fathers supported for all generations.
C.L. Harmon