What Makes Us?
What makes us? Is it our chemical makeup, our cells and molecular processes that give us identity? What about our choices and experiences? Are we a product of them or are they our identity? Our likes and dislikes, where do they originate and are they choices or something ingrained in us that we have little or no control over? Are we a perfect design completely programmed from the factory or a self-driven result created from a blank slate to fill with failures and triumphs?
Maybe it’s as simple as we are a part of everything and all things. Perhaps we are a reasonable creation whose creation is beyond our own reasoning. We are, it seems, a mystery unto ourselves. And yet ignorant, we understand so profoundly our needs and feel so strongly our desires that it makes us question even more what we are. How can we be so absolutely sure of ourselves and utterly lost for direction in the same mind, heart and soul?
Perhaps it is because we are born lost but not without direction. There is no reward in directing one who is not lost, but praise for the one who sets us on the path to be found. We are created of everything so we can be led and counseled from everything. Nothing was left to chance that we would not have the opportunity to receive direction. It is not that some are always right and others wrong, but that each of us receive direction, according to the universe we relate to. When we understand that we are not enemies with purpose but simply travelers in search of a destination, we invite the smaller pieces of everything to become a larger piece of everything else.
~C.L. Harmon