I don’t believe that one can understand the purpose of life in one lifetime. It makes sense that such a colossal definition can only come in multiple lifetimes. Perhaps one for each corner of the soul with each representing a significant meaning that is necessary for us to become whole with creation. Consider that the winds which move everything on earth come from four directions. Our entire navigational understanding is based on four directions.

This is not to say we live a life multiple times but rather live multiple facets in one life. If we are to understand pain for example, then we must experience both pain and comfort. One without the knowledge of the other is not understanding but sensation. To grasp a true sense of purpose, we must learn what direction from which we are coming to know which direction in which to move forward. We must always keep moving into new directions where different experiences await us. With each corner of life we inhabit, we learn about ourselves and thus about our purpose.

We find our way because we are lost in search of purpose not because it finds us and gives us direction. Perhaps a large part of our purpose is to simply seek out that purpose. We should trust that every direction we take will not always be a positive one that rewards us for what we desire, but will instead be steeped in the riches of understanding our personal purpose. Just as the origins of the winds are a mystery with their own purpose, as are we. Life’s purpose and our part in it are a secret hidden with bits and pieces strewn about in the corners of creation. And we must venture into those corners even when they are dark and foreboding to complete our creation and discover our destiny. We become enlightened because we seek; we become purpose because we find.