C.L. Harmon

When we fail ourselves, we lose only what we would have gained. But when we fail others, they lose more than we can ever know. We will undoubtedly fail in this life.  Our imperfect nature guarantees us this fact. But that imperfection does not apply when it comes to failing others. We instinctively know what others are capable of even when they themselves are unsure. This is because we see in others what we lack, we recognize it due to its absence in ourselves.

This is not by accident in our intricate creation. We are designed to recognize what we lack and are magically drawn to it. Nature, even through absence, proves that we are reliant on one another…connected through our needs. And because of this dynamic we each have a responsibility to not fail each other. All humans are created equal but not equally created. In other words, we all have been given the same attention with our creation but not all the same gifts and talents.

We rely and trust in others because of what we lack. This is the responsibility we all shoulder in this life. When others put their faith in us, it is because they need what they know we can provide. Because of this faith in us, we are empowered and will only fail if we give up by refusing to accept what others see in us. The very fact they know we are capable is proof that we are exactly that…capable. Through our design, we are programmed to serve others with the strengths they see in us. And with the execution of these strengths, we learn that not only can we refuse to not fail others, but are less likely to fail ourselves.