There seems to be little understanding as to the meaning of life and creation. And what is believed to be understood by some is never agreed upon by all. Yet we all seek knowledge, wisdom, and insight as to why we are here and to our purpose in life. We make choices and then worry about the outcome of those choices, believing them to be drawing us closer to our purpose and not further away.

But perhaps we put too much emphasis on what we believe to be our purpose instead of the faith needed to make choices which lead us to a purposeful life. Purpose does not belong to us, but to our Creator who has already made the choices necessary for us to fulfill the purpose He has given us.

However, it’s not His purpose which gives our lives meaning; for that, we ourselves must choose to live a life of purpose and consequence. Perhaps choosing to have faith and believe our purpose is a pre-existing road already built, will lead us to the insight to make choices which provide a life that is never meaningless and always purposeful.