Words,music notes, brush strokes and elements come together to form beauty, art andvision. Mysterious particles of matter and thought swirling about a vastnessbeyond comprehension and yet they group to form a discernible pattern of beautyand purpose. Do we draw reason or coincidence from such an awesomecollaboration? Could it be that each particle has purpose; a destiny it mustfind in a sentence, stroke of color, or chemical compound? Are they asmagnetized molecules drawn to one another? Or are they simply lost looking tofind a home in a creation larger than itself which then creates something weexperience as beauty?

How do we know? Which do we choose to believe? Does not thisvery question determine how we choose to live, how we believe as we travelthrough this life? Every choice we make is rooted in the answer we offerourselves. Is it logic or faith which guides us? Is it a combination of thetwo? If so, which is dominant? Does either offer explanations that we feel safe to bet our life’s outcomes on? Are we individual grain of sands combining to form the intensity in a dust storm?

Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle or even beyond our scope of understanding entirely. I believe it’s not about the manner in which beauty materializes but the proof that it does which we should focus. We should follow the particles because they appeal to us in a way that brings about fulfillment. They are not an offer of anything else other than they are real to us. To expect a particle of matter to obey our commands or to lead our lives to where we wish them to go is to save the night in a jar, but to embrace that night is to own it. What is created, whether in our control or not, is simply the proof that we mattered at one time and place in a vast creation simply because we accepted the opportunity to follow a few particles of matter and witness what they made for us.