For most, life is about the pulling the light from the darkness, but for others it’s about seeking the darkness within the light. We associate what is bleak or twisted within the wreckage of tragedy and chaos as the destructive forces which pull us away from the shining rays of comfort and safety. We few, however, know this and still make choices to gravitate toward it. In some respects we never escape the darkness regardless of how much light is present. What is the darkness? Who is the darkness? Why are we drawn to it?

Is the definition of such a concept as simple as black and white? Does it not provide cover from enemies in conflict? Does it not bring relief from a blistering sun? Does it not have a mystique and beauty to be appreciated? As with any creation, it has an allure that beckons to certain individuals who can feel its prowess and energy.  For those few, there is a desire to pull reasoning and purpose from what is hidden, what is lost.  It is as a seed planted in the soul which desires the dark to the light, drought to the rain, chill to the warmth in order to grow.

Seeking direction in the darkness is not insanity, but faith. To know such knowledge is the doorway between complexity and simplicity. It is to turn pain into creation, devastation into new ideas. As charm and elegance is found within the light, depth and mystery is within the dark.  Those who are drawn to it are the ones with the courage to discover that life is never lost within itself or within the wreckage which litters our existence. They are the ones who discover that inspiration resides in the corridors of life that most fear to tread.