Everything in existence is made up of different elements coming together at different times to form a specific creation. There is always a process, a chain of inputs and actions that produce the smallest of insects to the largest of solar systems. We are constantly surrounded by these seemingly never-ending processes and rarely realize their significance.

We have become so numb to the miracles all around us that we don’t even see ourselves as a miraculous creation any longer. Our struggles, disappointments, and losses become our primary focus while we ignore the awesomeness of our own existence, simply take it for granted.

There is limited understanding and agreement as to our origins but there should be no disagreement as to the knowledge that we and our natural surroundings are incredible creations filled with wonder. Our ideas, drive, passion, love and trust are all just small parts of us that we use to further creation. The significance of existence is to use it. We are the elements that are used to fill tomorrows with new miracles.

To focus only on ourselves, steals what we can we can bring forth to those tomorrows that are created for us. Progress is a creative process that derives from pushing our negative selves out of focus and our desire to overcome within it. If we do this while acknowledging that we are a miracle, then we can always know that what we create becomes one too.