The Cost of Happiness

When we focus on what is negative we give it an importance in our life that it should not have. We create a place for it to exist. Free will affords us many things; the most important of them is the choice to assess value to what happens to us. Whatever worth we...


When you realize you can never do enough to repair the world, but you try anyway, then you finally understand that hope isn’t designed to make the world better, but designed to make you a better person in a world in need of repair. C.L. Harmon


Quote of the Day I don’t believe God tests our faith so much as I believe He places us in situations where we must rely on it.~C.L. Harmon

Life On Your Terms

Live your life as though you chose every negative thing that has ever happened to you. And you chose them because you wanted to prove that there is nothing you can’t conquer and overcome to live life on your terms. C.L. Harmon